Builder Services

Commercial/Residential Grid line Layout:

For situations in which you need to visualize the actual boundary line of your property, Georgia Land Surveying offers thorough and accurate property line staking services. This is particularly helpful and even necessary if you need clarity on where you build a structure near the edge of your property, and can prevent potentially expensive encroachment issues with your neighbors later on. It can also help to clarify vague or inaccurate legal descriptions and resolve disputes with the neighbors as to where your boundaries are.

Construction Layout (Stakeout Survey):

Builders can’t begin to work of a construction project until the dimensions and features of the construction plans are accurate mapped on the ground. The best drawn plans and blueprints can fall short if they are not implemented properly, or if unforeseen issues at the building site end up creating problems during the construction process. Construction staking enables the builders to visualize the exact location and dimensions of all the features contained in the plans.

Foundation Survey:

Focuses directly on the foundation of a structure, providing an compelling “snapshot” of the foundation as of a certain date. A surveyor from Rampa Land Surveying will come onto the property (usually at the builder or lender’s request) to document this critical stage of construction, and then the survey will plot the location and dimensions relative to property lines, and/or in comparison with previous site plans or plats. Elevation readings may also be taken throughout the foundation to identify any high or low points, serving as a baseline measurement.

Optical Monitoring Surveys

Here at Rampa Land Surveying we provide comprehensive data reports to track any structural movement (horizontal or vertical) due to ongoing and future construction activities (underpinning, excavation or demolition) by installing surveying targets at specific location on neighboring structures near a construction site. Optical Monitoring Survey services are provided on a bi-weekly, weekly, or daily basis meeting our client needs.

At Rampa Land Surveying we help you get in compliance with the Technical Policy and Procedure Notice # 10/88 (TPPN 10/88) of the New York City Department of Buildings (NYCDOB). The TPPN 10/88, established on 1988 and it requires that optical monitoring survey MUST be performed to all landmark buildings located on a 90 feet radius of a job site in New York City.

Initial construction phases, primarily demolition and foundation work, are known to create shocks that affect nearby structures, where Landmark buildings, due to their years of existence, might well be significantly affected. Contact Us prior to construction to perform this service and we will help you get in compliance with this strict construction code.

Some other key Builder Services that we provide are:
Pile Layouts, Anchor Bolts Layout, & Column Lines Layout.

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